The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Executive Producer Matt Thompson

Production Note: Our good friend and most excellent discussion guest, Matt Thompson, will be joining us at 12PM ET for one last Season 4 discussion. Please direct all your maritime law questions @Matt.

OK, guys. Confession time. I’m not all that familiar with Sealab 2021. So when they went all-in Sealab there at the end last night I didn’t get to experience the payoff that I know so many of you did. Instead I was left trying to decipher if Captain Murphy’s animation accounted for an appropriate bulge. Worst. Recapper. Ever. I know.

If you want some real insight before Matt gets here check out his piece this morning over at Vulture. He explains the Sealab integration and how they landed Jon Hamm thanks to the help of the terrific lady behind Sterling Archer Draper Pryce. Great stuff even if Matt swears his heart wasn’t in it and it will never happen again and keeps calling us baby.

Hey, did you guys enjoy Amber’s Q&A yesterday? Yeah, she’s the best. Now we know where all the cheeseballs came into play. My notes before we get to some tremendous Chet Manley GIFs:

  • JON HAMM! It is my understanding that — despite this news leaking out to a few outlets — the guest appearance was kept quiet so we could all spend a week getting extra geeked for Part 2. I hope you guys didn’t know. There are so few kick ass surprises out there any more.
  • Not really any more I can type about the tremendous Season 4 artwork at this point, but the Air Tunt and water sequences were simply gorgeous.
  • Feels like a good time to re-plug our Eugene Mirman UPROXX 20. I like to think Cecil’s costume design is equal parts homage to Jacques Cousteau and Bill Murray.
  • “The beloved illustrator of gnomes” — In the running for most obscure reference yet.
  • Just spitballing here, but maybe Kristen Schaal drops by the next “Archer Live” for an IRL cat fight with Judy Greer? No way to know for sure but I think it would make for a crowd-pleaser.
  • Long Island Ice Tee #3 always takes the edge off. ALWAYS.
  • “It’s a reward. And maritime salvage law is very clear on the subject.” – Chareth Cutestory, please weigh in.
  • The combination to Malory’s vault: Glengoolie Blue, obviously.
  • “I have figuratively lost my tongue.” – This will be recycled.
  • Seriously, shut the f*ck up already, John Williams.
  • “Plus time, it equals…” is my new go-to for foot-in-mouthiness.
  • I found SO much enjoyment in the switchblade story flashback. It’s the little things.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: Sea Hunt, Mike Eurzione, Jacques Cousteau, Rien Poortvliet, Riptide, John Williams, and — of course — Sealab 2021.

The race for the first “Horatio Cornblower” UP handle begins now. If you’re too late at least you can enjoy — as Chet nailed — the best Mad Men promo ever. Archer says, “You’re welcome, AMC.”

Chet Manley GIFs on the page as to not crash too many browsers. Ask Matt about Jon Hamm.

At least we had one glorious Krieger moment.

Why else?

Me after everyone one of these discussions.

EXACTLY how I pictured Cheryl’s childhood.

This is just good drink-making.

LOVE this.



And because you demanded it, The Pam Anaphylactic Shock Timeline.

See you guys next week for the finale finale. I’ll do my best to keep it together.