From The Danger Zone To The Mistreatment Of Woodhouse, The Running Jokes On ‘Archer’ Never Get Old

01.21.16 4 years ago 2 Comments

Running jokes are, of course, pure fan service, but they’re the right kind that speaks to fans who watch every episode and spot every call back. Archer, which is coming back to our assorted screens on March 31, masterfully pulls this off, and being that the end of March is so very far away, we thought we’d remind you of some of the great running jokes that only true Archer fans can fully appreciate.

Lana… Lana?… LANNAAAAA!!!

In many ways, Sterling Archer is still a child. You can choose to blame that on him missing out on a proper childhood if you want to. But the fact of the matter is that he often does things no adult should. For example, doing whatever he can to get someone’s attention and, in many cases, that person is Lana. Over time, Sterling’s developed a habit of yelling her name whenever he wants her to notice him doing something that’s nowhere near that important. You should definitely not try this at work or in life.

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