‘Archer’ Pays Tribute To ‘Magnum P.I.’ With This Shot-For-Shot Opening Credits Remake

The seventh season of FX’s beloved animated series Archer premieres on March 31, and the new promo finally reveals what Sterling Archer was talking about at the end of “Drastic Voyage Pt. II,” when he put on a pair of aviators and said, “I actually have some thoughts on that.” The aviators, it turns out, were a nod to the 1980s television classic Magnum P.I., a series that Archer has previously paid tribute to in recreating one of Tom Selleck’s all-time darkest/badass TV moments. But now the gentleman spy and his colleagues from the agency formally known as you know have gone all-in with this shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits of Magnum P.I.

Unlike the amazing Bullitt chase scene that received its own homage in season six, this Archer promo is 100 percent accurate compared to the original source of inspiration. But what does it mean for the actual story for season seven, as Mallory Archer’s agency was blacklisted by the CIA after killing the smartest man in the world (in the most horrendous way imaginable) and Dr. Krieger destroyed the supercomputer that served as the backup to the victim’s brain? You’ll have to stay tuned for more details regarding the fate of Sterling and his dysfunctional team.

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