‘Archer’ Embraces The Noir Confines Of The Show’s Era Jump With An Alluring Trailer

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02.16.17 2 Comments

Sterling Archer doesn’t give a sh*t about your need for continuity, and bless his heart for it. The FXX animated gem Archer is leaning hard into its new era and putting familiar faces (and their tendencies) into an exciting change of locale in the trailer for the program’s ’40s-set eighth season.

Entertainment Weekly premiered the proper trailer for Archer: Dreamland today with all the noir-drenched trimmings. In this upcoming batch of episodes, Sterling Archer is a private eye and he’s not the only one with a new gig in 1947 Los Angeles. Malory’s a mob queen, Lana’s tells bawdy jokes at a nightclub, and Pam whooping ass (as is her custom) while finding time to make questionable dining choices at the morgue. There are laughs and gasps aplenty, just don’t expect closure on how season 7 ended from this peek.

“Mr. Archer, I would like you…” offers the rebooted Cheryl Tunt as she enters Archer’s office. “… To murder me!”

See? Gang’s all here and they’re having fun and superkilling people in a new environment. Not too shabby and quite the escalation on last season’s refresh. Seeing as there are only a few more seasons remaining, why not go for the gusto? Archer: Dreamland‘s seedy lil’ corner of FXX’s world premieres on April 5.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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