‘Archer’ Is Going Back In Time For Season 8

Archer doesn’t need an excuse to try whatever the heck it wants. It’s been doing that since the beginning of the Emmy Award-winning animated series, but especially the last couple of seasons, when the not-that-ISIS gang became Archer Vice, then un-rebooted, then moved out to Los Angeles to start their own detective agency. It’s as complex as Mad Men, but with even more booze. If you’ll recall, last season ended with the tragic death of Sterling Archer… maybe? Possibly? We might not find out for some time, because creator Adam Reed revealed at New York Comic-Con on Thursday that next season, the show’s eighth, is called Archer: Dreamland and it takes place entirely in 1947.

In this 1947 timeline, for instance, Sterling Archer is no longer a spy, but rather a private investigator on the hunt for the person who murdered his old partner, Woodhouse — George Coe, the actor who voiced Woodhouse in earlier seasons passed away in 2015. Thanks to the time shift, Lana Kane will meet Archer for the first time yet again, although in this reality, it will be as a lounge singer. (Via ign)

India and Pakistan gained independence from Britain. Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. The microwave oven was invented. These are all things that happened in 1947 that Archer: Dreamland won’t cover. Instead, Doctor Krieger will spent the entire season trying to get in good with the Nazis. No one tell him World War II and Hitler both ended, so to speak, in 1945.

(Via IGN)