‘Archer’ Bogarts A ‘Cigarette’ And Brings Back A Running Gag In Some Hilarious New Promos

Archer is headed back in time for season 8, with an arc called “Dreamland,” where he’s a Sam Spade-inspired detective, Woodhouse is his unfortunate dead partner, Lana’s a femme fatale, and Ray apparently isn’t allowed to smoke up with his fellow jazz musicians. Cheryl, meanwhile, remains unchanged in these new promos.

No, really. Cheryl hasn’t changed one bit. Interestingly, Dreamland appears to refer not just to the era, but also to the club Lana sings at and Ray gets arrested behind, which also gets blown to hell, hopefully with Barry in it.

He may be in the ’40s, but Archer is still going hard on his running gags. Just what job Krieger has here isn’t entirely clear, but one assumes it involves either something criminal. Or he’s just a bartender with Nazi science as a hobby. C’mon, it may be post-WWII but he’s still Krieger.

And no matter what the era, it wouldn’t be Archer with having to get rid of at least one corpse. At least he won’t need Krieger to remove an aubergine something out of it this time. The season premiere will arrive on FXX April 5th, and hopefully will have a good explanation of where Pam found whatever she’s eating in the morgue. And by good we mean we’re hoping Pam didn’t eat a corpse taco.

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