Who Will Be The Genius That Solves The ‘Archer’ Season Seven Scavenger Hunt?

While the seventh season of Archer wrapped up last week, one great mystery remains from this Magnum P.I.-inspired effort. The show’s most brilliant and dedicated fans have yet to find the final puzzle piece in the insanely detailed scavenger hunt that the show’s behind-the-scenes Kriegers unleashed upon us in the season’s first episode, “The Figgis Agency.” As we recall, the first steps in this absurd journey were so obvious and easy that we couldn’t believe they were real, or perhaps they were some sort of distraction to take us away from the real scavenger hunt, which was inspired by the show’s Emmy-winning first effort.

But that’s how we ultimately realized that this whole diabolical scavenger hunt was based around distractions, and it would take the most focused and devoted sleuths to put this massive puzzle together. At the very least, you’d have to be willing to drive Milton 237 miles to Los Angeles at the speed of a dying turtle, so this was never the kind of mission that should be carried out by a lone wolf.

All that said, where the hell do we stand? Well, as expected, the Archer fans on Reddit were more than up to the challenge at hand. As we detailed earlier in the season, they ran with the first clues and steps and eventually discovered that this hunt was about a series of puzzle pieces that plugged into a CPU socket to form one giant puzzle. There have been Magic Eye pictures, flag semaphores, Dr. Krieger’s massive online gaming community, and even one failed hacking attempt that the Archer team anticipated from the get-go. And today we can finally see all of their unbelievable efforts laid out before us in a series of astonishing graphics, compiled by our friends at The Figgis Agency, as they hope one final recap will help push everyone to the last piece and the epic solution.

And here is what the puzzle looks like up to this point, only missing that one final piece…