The Second ‘Archer’ Scavenger Hunt Is Already Under Way, So Let’s Examine The Clues

Senior Writer
04.29.16 6 Comments

Adam Reed couldn’t believe that fans were able to solve that brilliant Archer scavenger hunt from season six. Hell, he couldn’t believe that it had been created, because when a couple of “numbers guys” came to him with the idea for a top-secret, insanely well-hidden tribute to Dr. Krieger, he barely understood it. But the plan was launched, and the beloved FX animated series eventually won an Emmy for the idea, and it wasn’t just any Emmy, as Lucky Yates recently told us. The Emmys invented an award solely for this diabolical concept, and now it’s time for the Archer team to make a little more shelf space, because the second scavenger hunt is even more complex.

When Reed confirmed to us that a second hunt was in the works for Archer’s seventh season, he wouldn’t offer us any clues to get the fun started, but the good news is that this one is a lot easier for fans to dive into because the first clue was hidden in plain sight. In fact, Reddit’s cyber-sleuths are already hot on the trail, but for the average Archer fan, we can actually start the hunt together this time. Let’s go ahead and get elbow-deep (phrasing) in this season’s scavenger hunt.

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