The Many Undercover Disguises Of Sterling Archer

Tomorrow night we will be introduced to Father Guido Sarguchi, Sterling Archer’s latest brilliantly excessive alter ego, as the ISIS gang goes undercover in Papal Chase. In honor of everyone’s new favorite religious figure (great mustache, that guy) the Floyd County team has helped me compile this collection of Archer’s most memorable — and always ultimately unsuccessful — undercover disguises. Except for the ones I’ve forgotten, of course. Thanks in advance, comments section!

Unless otherwise noted, just assume the undercover name is some version of Randy.

Episode: “Honeypot”

Best Commentary: “Omigod. You like, sneeze glitter.” – Charles (as voiced by Thomas Lennon)

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 1

Episode: “Skorpio”

Best Commentary: “Who’re you supposed to be, Topper Bottoms, stern yet sensual skipper of the USS Rough Service?” – Lana

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 3

Episode: “White Knights”

Best Commentary: “Lesson 1: Always hide in plain sight.” – Barry

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 4

Episode: “Heart of Archness Part I”

Best Commentary: “Hey! So, what happened was, somebody ordered room service but the regular room service guy, uhh, he died, so I came in here, then I fell on the bed.” – Archer

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 2

Episode: “Drift Problem”

Best Commentary: I am not super confident about this.” – Lana

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 3

Episode: “Bloody Ferlin”

Best Commentary: “Where? Six Flags Over the Sh*ttier Parts of Chernobyl.” – Cheryl

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 3

Episode: “Fugue and Riffs”

Best Commentary: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph Stalin! For the last time assholes, my name is…. Shazam! How do you not remember that show?” – Archer

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 5

Episode: “Live and Let Dine”

Best Commentary: “It’s no secret agent, but it’s way above architect.” – Archer

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 3

Episode: “The Honeymooners”

Best Commentary: “lana… Lana… LANA… I’m sorry, Mrs. Archer.” – Archer

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 4

Episode: “Jeu Monegasque”

Best Commentary: “And if that’s my pantsuit you’re stretching out I’ll have your guts for garters.” – Malory

1-5 Effectiveness Rating: 5