Why These ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Could Secretly Be Targaryens

(Possible spoilers for Game Of Thrones series and ASOIAF books.)

Out of the core Game Of Thrones players, Daenerys stands alone as having a legitimate claim to the Targaryen throne. Whether or not that ensures she’ll eventually win the game of thrones only Martin can answer for sure, but we at least know that no other Targaryens are out there and ready to take her spot on the Iron Throne. Right?

It wouldn’t be a day in Westeros without surprise lineages and illicit affairs, so who’s to say that there aren’t more Targaryens out there? A couple dragon-horned curveballs to make Dany’s struggle even worse or keep the Seven Kingdoms on its heels. In fact, book readers know the prophecy of the three-horned dragon, a part of Dany’s vision from the House of the Undying, that says that there will be two other Targaryens to ride with Dany.

And visions from the book aside–as the show has been doing its own thing anyway for a while, and GoT prophecies have proved false before–plenty of other clues suggest multiple living Targaryens exist. Let’s take a look at the top contenders. (Discounting any characters presented in the books and not the show.)

Jon Snow

This one is the most obvious of the secret Targaryens in Westeros. By now, I’m sure you’re aware of the R+L=J theory, but the cliff’s notes version is that Jon’s parents are Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making him a relation of Dany’s. While this probably won’t be confirmed for some time in the series, it’s one of the stronger theories out there, and would make Jon a bastard twice over. Dany’s claim to the family name would be a little stronger than his, but it would still muddle things up, especially when it comes to his allegiances to the realm vs. his personal obligations, something he’s struggled with many times before.

Lord Varys

Of all the major players, only one has been very keen on seeing another Targaryen take the throne: Lord Varys. But why? He conspired in multiple plots to hurt the Lannisters and their rule, including trying to bring Tyrion to Dany. He’s a mysterious figure whose intentions are not completely known, but it would all make sense if he was another Targaryen.

Aerion Targaryen was exiled to Lys, where Varys was born, and was the father of at least one child. Varys is bald, which could be by choice in order to hide his true hair color — a dead giveaway of a Targaryen. Plus, the circumstances that led to him being eunuch-fied could be part of it too, as the ritual around his castration could be because of his king’s blood.

The Spider doesn’t seem to want the throne; he’s content to just sit back and watch his little birds. But a Varys Targaryen would go a long way toward helping Dany’s cause.

Tyrion Lannister

A little bit further of a reach but still a viable option, Tyrion could be a Targaryen and not know it. This theory proposes that he’s the son of the Mad King Aerys, who possibly raped Tywin’s wife while he was Aerys’ Hand. Further evidence behind this points toward Tywin’s hatred of his son, which would make sense if he weren’t actually the father, and the book Tyrion having one purple eye and extremely light, blonde hair.

Tyrion being Dany’s bro would make his aid to her cause — and leading her kingdom in her absence — be all the more fitting. The Targaryens could retake their throne, riding on the backs of dragons, with Tyrion getting sweet, fire-filled vengeance and Dany getting a brother who doesn’t beat her and sell her into slavery. Win-win-win. Maybe Tyrion should ask the one guy left who might know…wait, he killed Tywin with a crossbow. Oh well.