Nickelodeon’s ‘Are Your Afraid Of The Dark?’ Revival Gets A Frighteningly Short Teaser Trailer

Two years ago, reports of a film adaptation of Nickelodeon’s classic horror series Are You Afraid of The Dark? began making the rounds. These rumors were especially interesting as they claimed It Chapter One screenwriter Gary Dauberman was attached to the project. Unfortunately, nothing came of these accounts, but that’s okay because it turns out Nickelodeon has been hard at work on a television revival of the show. And the first teaser trailer for Are Your Afraid of The Dark?‘s return has just dropped.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the revival will premiere in October and consist of three hour-long episodes. Each “will introduce a new group of Midnight Society kids” that “[tells] the terrifying story of Carnival of Doom.” Of course, since this is Are Your Afraid of The Dark? we’re talking about, “the events of the tale soon begin coming to life”:

Are You Afraid of The Dark? was my introduction to the horror genre and made me a fan for life,” series writer BenDavid Grabinski tells EW. “I hope we’re lucky enough to have our series do the same. It’s going to be a fun and scary ride, and I’m honored to introduce the Midnight Society to a whole new generation of kids.”

Nickelodeon’s latest nostalgia trip is due out sometime in October.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)