Why Aren’t You Watching The Christmas Cats TV Livestream Right Now?

12.06.13 4 years ago 9 Comments


What are you doing right now? Are you watching the Christmas Cats TV livestream? WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING THE CHRISTMAS CATS TV LIVESTREAM?

A little background, via The Daily Dot:

Welcome to the strangely hypnotic world of Christmas Cats TV, which is filmed in Brooklyn and has aired for eight hours straight for each of the past two days. Today marks the final “episode,” if you could call it that—and a great opportunity to adopt a friendly feline, all of which reside at the Port Washington, N.Y.–based North Shore Animal League America, the “world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

It’s a Friday afternoon in December, so I’m going to assume that none of you have anything better to do than watch a bunch of adoptable shelter cats scamper around a festive set and play with a knitting lady and a dude in an elf costume while Christmas music plays, so, I repeat, why aren’t you watching the Christmas Cats TV livestream right now?

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