Arguably The Best Series Of All Time Has Been Remastered In HD And Will Rebroadcast Starting This Week

When you think of the best series of all time, there’s usually two — maybe three — shows that are seriously in the conversation: Breaking Bad, The Wire, and maybe The Sopranos. I think it’s a toss-up between The Wire and Breaking Bad, although it’s been a while since I watched The Wire. However, those of you who still haven’t seen The Wire or want to rewatch it and make up your mind on which is the best series of all time will soon have that opportunity, and to do so for the first time ever in HD.

Starting on Thursday, HBO Signature will begin rebroadcasting all five seasons of The Wire at 8:00 p.m. each weeknight. (If you have HBO, chances are you have HBO Signature — it’s one of the six or seven HBO channels that come with a subscription).

The Wire still hasn’t gotten a Blu-ray release, and while you can watch the series on Amazon Prime or HBO Go, this remastered The Wire is probably the best quality version of the series available.

In the meantime, David Simon’s next project, Show Me a Hero is coming together for HBO, and it looks fantastic.

Source: HBO Watch