Ariana Grande’s Plans For A ‘March Madness’ Party Go Off The Rails In This Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch

How did you like this weekend’s edition of SNL? Our Mike Ryan graded it the best show of the season so far and one sketch had Celine Dion (allegedly) peeing herself, so it seems fair to suggest the last go-around was warmly embraced. If you’re in the mood to extend the ride with Ariana Grande: SNL Host a little bit longer, we’ll direct your attention to the top of the post for a cut for time sketch that’s now arrived online.

The segment features Grande as a remarkably patient office worker sending out word that she’ll be hosting a “March Madness” party. The invite is extended to workplace weirdos Jojo and Bobo (played by Beck Bennett and cut sketch magnet Kyle Mooney) who you might recognize from Ronda Rousey’s hosting stint. It doesn’t take long for Grande’s character to clue into the fact that these blonde dummos have a very shaky grasp of what “March Madness” is. Or what any regular thing is, come to think of it. Jojo and Bobo live in a world where ponchos are stepping out attire, The Purge is real, and the best seat for a get-together is being wedged into a cabinet. Ideally, the cabinets would be transparent, although there may be some flexibility on building little DIY eyeholes.

It’s Ariana Grande vs. a tidal wave of batsh*t crazy in this clip and it might come in handy as an oasis of sanity if your college hoops get-together goes off the rails.