Ariana Grande Found Her ‘Adult Scandal’ On ‘SNL’

Well played, Ariana Grande.

It took all of less than a minute before the “Focus” singer brought up her penchant for licking donuts on SNL, where she’s doing double duty as host and musical guest. Grande apologized for the weirdest “news” story of 2015, in which she put her tongue on some donuts and said she hated America (what a time to be alive), before moving onto more important matters. Licking a pastry is for kids; she’s ready for an adult scandal. This shouldn’t be it:

Yup, Ariana Grande said “sh*t” on live television. In a song about wanting to get in trouble for something, no less. Won’t somebody think of the children (including Grande)? I’m sure a One Million Moms marcher is already writing an angry letter to the FCC, using a pop star accidentally saying a bad word as the downfall of society as we know it. Or maybe it will go completely unnoticed. Either way, somewhere out there, Jenny Slate, who said “f*cking” during a sketch where it would have been harder for her not to swear (she later said, “I was so used to being a stand-up comedian, and I had written that sketch. I never thought of it as something I could make a mistake at”), is smiling.

As is Colin Jost:

Look out, Adele.