Ariana Grande’s Very Inappropriate Kids Show Has Been Cancelled Due To Behind-The-Scenes Drama

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Sam & Cat, the Nickelodeon show that makes you glad you don’t have children, otherwise you’d have to explain why daddy runs to the bathroom every time Ariana Grande’s on-screen, has been cancelled after only one season (with 40 episodes!), due to the dreaded “behind-the-scenes drama.” Is it because a family of feral raccoons decided to take shelter in the craft services truck? I bet that’s why.

Nickelodeon’s decision not to move forward with a sophomore season comes after the 21-year-old McCurdy made headlines earlier this year following reported salary issues and racy photos leaked of the actress on the web in March. She failed to appear at the network’s Kids’ Choice Awards, where Sam & Cat took home the TV comedy prize, while Grande won TV comedy actress and Schneider was honored with a lifetime achievement award. (Via)

Oh, so it’s because Ariana Grande is a huge star now? That’s boring. Um… look here!

This is a show for children.

Via Hollywood Reporter