Ariel Winter Defended Herself Against Critics Of Her Unconventional Wardrobe Choice For A ‘Modern Family’ Panel

05.05.17 1 year ago 4 Comments


As has been covered fairly well in the past, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter garners a lot of attention for what she does away from her television role. While she plays the reserved, smart Alex Dunphy on the series, she seems to cut loose in her own life and reveal a bit more than her TV character would ever think about doing. This has gained her quite a lot of criticism, sometimes from her own family, but it is her decision in the end and doesn’t seem to be hurting anybody.

That’s why the latest “controversy” involving Winter has her defending herself on social media. She joined her fellow Modern Family cast members at a screening for the season eight finale — and possible series finale — at the Wolf Theater, with some pointing out the major difference between her dress and the rest of the cast’s outfits.

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