Arnold Schwarzenegger Saddles Up In The First Look At ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’

NBC is bringing back The Celebrity Apprentice after its old host was told “you’re fired” and then decided to run for president. According to the just-released poster for The New Celebrity Apprentice, host Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to to take the reins literally from Donald Trump.

E! News released the first promotional poster for the eighth season of The Celebrity Apprentice and it’s clear that the network wants to move forward from Trump and have a future with Schwarzenegger at the helm, or rather in the saddle.

The former Governator is looking large and in charge riding a white horse in an image that conjures up half-decade old men’s body-wash commercials  or cheesy romance novels that your aunt has stacks of next to her bathtub.  Also, what’s with a white horse? Is this part of a theme? Will the celebrities have to come up with a branding strategy for a certain illegal drug? What we do know about The New Celebrity Apprentice is the cast, which includes Jon Lovitz, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, Jersey Shore star, Snooki, ’80s icon, Boy George, and former WNBA star, Lisa Leslie. Production of the show will also move to California. Warren Buffett, Tyra Banks, Steve Ballmer, and Jessica Alba announced back in January that they will act as the show’s advisors. NBC has yet to release a premier date.

(Via E! News)