'Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Red Hairing’

Beyond the Binge reflects on episodes from a full season perspective. It is not intended to be spoiler-heavy, but there will be some spoilers throughout. Previously: Colony Collapse.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that the George Sr. and Lindsay episodes are my least favorite of season four. And following up “Colony Collapse” is quite the tall order so “Red Hairing” was due to feel like a bit of a letdown.

That being said it lays the groudwork for some serious interweaving to come in other storylines and is a lot of fun to watch eyes open the second time around. This where I feel like Michael starts to become the co-star of each episode providing a nice cohesiveness. There are actually better lines and bits — “Not urine smell” has transitioned into regular personal usage — than hidden and buried moments in “Red Hairing” so this will be one of the more succinct installments. Let’s jump right in.

“God! Who keeps numbing these desert animals?” Why, Dr. Norman, of course.

Herbert Love’s video page has been updated since the last check in to include all his sexual misdeeds, including the “one-eared elephant reenactment,” “man and two women,” “bustiness,” and “consoling grope.”

Lindsay’s campaign banner for Lucille 2 is made on the other side of the “Welcome Home”/”You’re Killing Me, Buster” banner from S2’s “¡Amigos!”.

“Looks like we’ve got another high end hooker in here.” — Lucille foreshadowing Lindsay’s soon-to-be high end hooking.

“I am like you nothing.” Continuing the theme that Lindsay really is a Bluth at heart she repeats George Sr.’s sentiments that she’d give 20K for a glass of lemonade to kick off the episode and then screws up the wording of the phrase just like Lucille screws up her idiom, proving Lucille’s point.

“Gentlemen start your engines.” We get a blink-and-you-missed-it George Michael sighting as Lindsay makes her way into Love’s fundraiser/Opie Awards/Schnoodle announcement.

“And perhaps it was because he reminded her so much of Tobias when they first started dating.” A wonderfully understated nod to Tobias being an albino black man.

Lindsay’s terrible alias, Cindy Featherbottom, borrows from Mrs. Featherbottom, Tobias’s British housekeeping alter ego.

Marky’s “Non-Arab Terrorism” charge is a nod to George Sr.’s “Light Treason” charges early in the series.

Sally Sitwell’s Hair. Lucille 2 overly compliments Sally Sitwell’s hair when giving reasons why Sally is more qualified to be campaign manager. It’s later fully revealed that Sally suffers from Alopecia like her dad.

Herbert Love’s Chief of Staff starts smoking after Lindsay’s speech and it’s a spot on impression of Herman Caine’s Chief of Staff, Mark Block. I couldn’t screengrab the split second it happens, but in the Maeby episode it’s more apparent. I don’t think this has been mentioned enough.

And if someone can PLEASE find GIFs of Lindsay’s inability to throw money that would be great. They’re the perfect capper and belong in this space but are seemingly as mystical as Isla Fisher bagpipe GIFs.

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