‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Señoritis’

Beyond the Binge reflects on episodes from a full season perspective. It is not intended to be spoiler-heavy, but there will be some spoilers throughout. Previously: A New Attitude.

While I can’t fully condone the seldom usage of Maeby and George Michael (and Buster) in the first two-thirds of the season it sure does make for a helluva payoff down the stretch as the episodes never seem to hit a lull, tie all sorts of loose ends together, and allow Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera to shine.

Maeby Fünke’s “Señoritis” is a whirlwind of awesome, and chocked full of buried items and GIF-able moments that make this probably the longest and most in-depth “Beyond the Binge” installment of all. Let’s jump right in…

The actor who plays Perfecto (Eli Vargas) also played “Mexican Teenager” in the S2 episode “¡Amigos!”. I see no way they aren’t the same person in the AD universe.

“Babies Having Babies” is filming in Maeby’s algebra class taught by Donnie Richter.

“So, after returning, worn from the harsh winds of sea…” — The narrator segues from S3 finale footage to new footage only moments later in the timeline by winking at the fact that Michael Cera looks the most different of anyone in S4.

Maeby and George Michael coughing to attract Lindsay and Tobias’s attention can be heard strongly in the background of “Indian Takers” but isn’t revealed until now.

“Please don’t squeeze the Shaman.” We get the full reveal to what I didn’t realize so many people didn’t pick up on (and I did!) in “Indian Takers.” Also, a fun new play on “no touching!

If you look closely at the Thanksgiving cartoon it’s actually an ostrich in a pilgrim hat being confronted by a Something map car.

Maeby’s first senior yearbook photo names “Ealing, Friar’s” as her clubs and that may or may not be Matt from Matt & Kim adjacent to her.

Tobias’s callback to the Big Bang Theory that he never receives comes from the cameo voice of Kerri Russell. I like the idea that it’s both tragic that Tobias didn’t even know he had a shot at appearing on such a commercially popular show and that BBT is the only production that valued his acting skills.

Also, the Carr foreclosure sign…

Maeby pays pay homage to Nikke Finke and “Deadline-ing” in her next run at senior year in high school.

In her fourth senior year incarnation Maeby takes on her father’s British persona and borrows some easily confused word usage from across the pond.

And in her final senior yearbook photo she adopts her uncle’s life perspective.

Not to mention they drop in a killer Always Sunny reference.

Not something anyone would have missed but this moment was meant to be GIF’d and shared.

Same thing here.

Maeby’s high school mascot is an ostrich.

“I think I will do better once I get a little Mexican in me.” — She made a pun!

Everything about Maeby’s Fakeblock name suggestion.

George Michael’s newfound “overt sexuality” is interrupted by him being compelled to correct Maeby on an academic matter (“heiress,” not “harris”) an episode before we even know this is a running joke. He’s pulling out the keycard for the room he books in “It Gets Better.”

George Maharis is the perfect pseudonym for someone trying to get away from the stigma of “George Michael” and public bathroom lewdness as George Maharis was an obscure actor also arrested for a sexual act with a (UPDATE) hairdresser named — get this — Perfecto Telles in a Men’s room in the 70s. “It felt like the perfect name. Strong, rugged… untainted.”

Maeby’s profanity laden acceptance speech borrows directly from the massively viral sorority girl email. They used wide shots and shots from behind to work in all matching dialog retroactively, which is truly amazing. Tie yourself to a chair for the best GIF wall you’ll see today.

Maeby tips black guys in stock options for a company that doesn’t exist, continuing in the family’s legacy of not knowing how to tip black people.

“Never met the woman.” There’s been a lot of discussion about George Michael not knowing who Lucille 2 is, but the consensus seems to be that he was never introduced to her even though Michael once told him Buster was her nurse. Also, Lucille 2’s keychain has a backwards “L2” on it.

“Heck of a birthday this is shaping up to be.” This is what Steve Holt actually looks like now.

Maeby’s huge mistake moment.

My god that was perfect. And with Maeby’s wonderful story left as open-ended as the others I’d like to conclude this recap with…

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