Jason Bateman Shows Off Lucille Bluth’s Condo Nearly Ready For Season 5 Of ‘Arrested Development’

Nearly five years after the uneven (but still underrated) fourth season of Arrested Development, the Bluths are officially getting back together for at least one more go at getting their lives and fortunes back on track. We don’t know much about what’s in store for season five — star Jason Bateman hinted at a “murder mystery” revolving around Lucille Austero’s disappearance at the end of season four, but we can be sure that Michael Bluth will threaten to leave to Arizona, GOB will perform some magic (illusions) and Tobias will be a blowhard.

And now we see that the long-teased season really is getting underway with Lucille Bluth’s condo coming together and a season five shoot start date dropped by Bateman, who has been somewhat of an official spokesman for the show over the last year. (Should he have said that Lucille Two was murdered? It’s totally ambiguous at the end of season four.)

Anyway, here’s a look at that classic condo. You can almost hear GOB playing “You’re As Cold As Ice” on the piano in the back.

If the Bluths are moving back in on the 8th, we’re assuming that means filming begins on August 8th. Hopefully, we can find out what happened to Lucille Two by the holidays.