All New ‘Arrested Development’ On Netflix Promo Posters Are Taking Over A City Near You

OK, folks. It’s official. I’m calling it. The Arrested Development “final countdown” IS ON. I was going to wait till we were exactly a month away, but Tony Hale dropped by yesterday AND THEN last night brand new promo posters started popping up on billboards and bus stops and other public places all over the place. Coincidence? I think not. So yeah, the build up to the ridiculous build up is here.

I’ve yet to see an official Netflix image release or hi-res versions of these individual character promos — each with a customized take on “streaming” — just what various people have shared on the internet (which is way better if you ask me). So below we’ve got everything I could round up thus far. I’ll update as they’re available.

For the record, I’m not super stoked with the Redditor who spotted the above “AD Promo Posters taking over Overland & National in LA” and didn’t feel the need to get a larger image or individual shots. WHAT IS GOB’S TAKE ON STREAMING YOU MONSTER?!?!

Anyhoo, here’s what we have so far…

As spotted on the side of The Metropolitan Hollywood Apartments.

Lindsay advises: “You can stream me all night long.” She’s in an open marriage, so it’s kosher.

“No touching. Only Streaming.” George Sr. has the best advice for pedestrians.

“Stick this in your instant queue.” Classic Maeby.

Cutting off the tag line here seems rather apropos even if it makes me angry. Great shorts though.

More to come. Hopefully. Until then let this hold you over.