Jessica Walter Claims That The Return Of ‘Arrested Development’ Is ‘Looking Real Good’

Don’t worry, you might be able to put those “Save Our Bluths” signs down because Arrested Development should be returning in the near future. What? That isn’t actually news to you? There has been talk about Arrested Development returning “soon” since the Netflix-original season four debuted in May of 2013, but now it looks like it might actually be happening sooner, rather than later.

None other than Lucille Bluth herself, Jessica Walter, says so, Deadline reported. Walter was in attendance at the 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in which FX’s Archer picked up the Outstanding Animated Series nod and was asked about the return of everyone’s favorite wall-building, banana stand-having family, the Bluths.

“It’s looking real good. I don’t have dates, but everybody is on board.”

Did you read that? Everybody is on board. That is perhaps the best sentence that AD fans could ask for considering the hectic schedules that the cast keeps and the hang-ups the show has been facing in its second return attempt.

Of course, not everybody, as we know that Bob Loblaw won’t be returning to Arrested Development. But, some sacrifices we can live with.

While it’s a shame that Arrested Development won’t be able to spoof on this year’s election season in time, we’ve already seen George Sr. and Stan Sitwell argue over a border wall project between Mexico and the United States, so they’ve already hit a lot of the high notes already.

(Via Deadline)