‘What A Fun, Sexy Time’: The ‘Arrested Development’ Cast Revealed Their Most Awkward Moments

Arrested Development and the Bluth family have been a part of countless weird moments over the years. Sexual encounters, misunderstandings, good, but still-strange casting decisions that add a healthy amount of subtext to the Bluth-Trump family comparisons… They’ve seen it all. Even Alia Shawkat had her first-ever kiss on-camera in the Arrested Development pilot. The genius provided by the actors come at an awkward price that cannot be ignored.

So Sirius XM’s Jessica Shaw did the right thing and asked a good portion of the cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman, Alia Shawkat, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, David Cross, and Jessica Walter to take a moment then describe the most awkward moments they’ve had filming their beloved show. For almost all, it involved physicality or some sort of nudity. For Bateman, it was that, plus the fact that he cast his sister in a situation that would have him getting physical.

But for the most part, it had a lot to do with nudity. Hale had his awkward moment nude behind a sewing machine, while Tambor was naked from the top up as he splashed around in George Bluth’s attic hot tub. But in the grand scheme of things, nudity is fine. Having that first kiss around a bunch of people, on-camera. That’s rough.

More awkward moments will come when Arrested Development‘s fifth season lands on Netflix May 29.

(Via Sirius XM)