Mitch Hurwitz Wanted George Clooney To Play Mexican Mitt Romney On ‘Arrested Development’

George Clooney is many things to many people. To moms, he’s the last thing they think about before falling asleep. To dads, he’s the enemy. To Frank Sinatra’s ghost, he’s a nobody. To Michael Claytons, he’s the reason they got laid last night. To nipple enthusiasts, he’s the one true Batman. To Stacy Keibler, he’s…well, George, WHAT AM I TO YOU? To Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz, he’s the perfect man to play Mexican Mitt Romney.

During a conference call on Wednesday, Arrested Development creator and executive producer Mitchell Hurwitz revealed exactly why he and his creative team focused so much on lampooning Cain in the show’s fourth season. Hurwitz had already planned on mining the Republican presidential field for satire and topicality. One idea was to cast some famous and extremely good-looking actors—including George Clooney—to play a family of “Mexican Romneys” in the new season. That idea was ultimately left unfulfilled, which gave Hurwitz time to turn his attention to Cain. (Via)

Just as well. There’s no way he could have topped his greatest sitcom cameo.

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