‘Arrow’ Just Cast Jimmy Akingbola As A Nazi Supervillain

Jimmy Akingbola

One of Arrow‘s fundamental pleasures, for nerds, is watching the show take utter d-list scrubs and turn them into genuinely interesting villains. And so it is with Baron Blitzkrieg.

In the comics, Baron Blitzkrieg is a Nazi supervillain who, after being blinded by a concentration camp prisoner, gets experimented on by the Reich to become, basically, Evil Sorta-Crappy Superman. Also, for some reason, he went around in a yellow and purple suit with little swastikas on his red boots. No, really. His supersenses apparently didn’t extend to matching colors.

In the show, he’s being substantially reinvented, for starters by having Jimmy Akingbola, pictured above, play him. They’re presumably leaving out all the Nazi stuff, for starters. This Baron will feature in season four’s flashbacks fairly prominently and will also be around in the current day. We’re assuming he has something of a grudge against Ollie, because Ollie couldn’t go anywhere in the mid-2000s without angering some sort of ninja clan or supervillain.

We’ll see how Arrow handles this, but frankly, they’ve got nowhere to go but up. We’ll see the new Baron Blitzkrieg this October.

(via the Hollywood Reporter)

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