Let’s Talk Wednesday’s Geeky TV: ‘Arrow’ Meets ‘Constantine’

Recently on Arrow, Thea and Laurel had the terrible idea to throw the long-dead Sara, the former Black Canary, into a Lazarus Pit. Despite the fact that Thea came out with the urge to murder, nobody considered what this might do to poor Sara… so, she’s free, she’s animalistic, and it’s up to Ollie to once again clean up the mess his sister and ex have made. Fortunately, this time he has help, in the form of John Constantine.

Yep, Constantine fans get a little closure when Matt Ryan shows up, playing the rake himself once again. He’ll be restoring Sara’s soul and not so coincidentally giving CW executives a sense of just how much of the fanbase might show up if he happened to get his show back. Or at the very least get a series of guest shots. Hey, they’ve got three different DC shows going in 2016, somebody has to fill all that air time.

I will sadly be missing out, due to internet issues and the fact that for some reason all the bars with free WiFi in my area would rather play sports than watch shows on the CW. But keep an eye out for some of my fellow Uproxxians, and let’s see if Constantine mocks the poor life decisions of anybody else tonight at 8 p.m. EST. Join us, won’t you?