‘Arrow’ Casts Parker Young As Yet Another Love Interest For Thea

Thea Queen has no luck with men. Her first crush turned out to be her perpetually apologizing brother. Her second crush covered for her brother when he was arrested for, uh, a rather lengthy violent crime spree by pretending to be said violent killer. Maybe the third time will be the charm?

Breaking with Arrow tradition, Parker Young of Suburgatory and better known around here for his time on the tragically cut-short Enlisted has been cast as Alex Davis. Davis, who isn’t from the comics, will be working for Ollie. As for his qualifications, well, this is one of the top images that came back on Google:

We assume he just wrote his resume on his abs. Also, kudos to Entertainment Tonight for the single most oddly phrased reporting on his potential role as Queen family love sacrifice:

…considering that Thea’s ex-boyfriend Roy Harper is out of the picture for the foreseeable future it may be time for the younger Queen to move on. Could Alex be the man for the job, or will Oliver step in?

To help his sister move on romantically? What is this, fanfic? We’ll see just how the new guy does when Arrow returns Oct. 7.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)