Rutina Wesley Will Be Playing Deep-Cut Comic Book Character ‘Lady Cop’ On ‘Arrow’

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Recently, it came out that Rutina Wesley (True Blood, Hannibal) would be part of an upcoming multi-episode arc on Arrow, but information on who she’d be playing was scarce. Well, now we know, and it’s a deep, deep, deep, deep cut. Turns out Wesley will be playing Lady Cop. Yes, Lady Cop.

I’m the biggest DC Comics nerd you’re likely to find, and I had never heard of Lady Cop. Turns out Lady Cop was, well, a lady cop named Liza Warner who joined the force catch a murderer who killed her roommates. In later years, she was an occasional ally of The Atom. She even got her own comic in 1975, a time when somebody being a lady and a cop at the same time was apparently considered a SUPERPOWER.

The version of Liza Warner we’ll be seeing on Arrow is a member of an anti-vigilante task force who no doubt will be sent after Arrow. Of course, Lady Cop’s comic book ally Atom also exists in the Arrow universe, so it will be interesting to see if they team up.

Really, though, this story is mostly notable because it’s another sign we’re rapidly approaching the moment when literally every DC and Marvel character has been adapted for movies or TV. Personally, I hope there’s more completely generic DC characters waiting to be rediscovered. I can’t wait to see MAN DOCTOR or HEROIC KID make the jump from page to screen.

(via Blastr)