Let’s Talk This Week’s Geeky TV: ‘Arrow’ Sends Out The Squad

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10.19.16 116 Comments

Last week on Arrow, Ollie finally earned the trust of his team, and added an actually effective member as a surprise, DC’s obscure hero Ragman. He and Thea also learned the hard way never to trust an arms dealer that wants to fund your health care initiative, and Thea made the bold choice of appointing a disgraced cop and fallen-off-the-wagon alcoholic the deputy mayor. Not that we don’t want Quentin around, but come on, the guy needs rehab, not a political appointment. Oh, also Diggle was being framed as an arms dealer, because antagonizing Diggle is totally smart.

This episode, Ollie fights a drug dealer who apparently has been turned into the Terminator after Wild Dog, rapidly turning into the Cousin Oliver of this series, accidentally dumps him in a giant vat of drugs. Because, apparently, giant vats of drugs are still a thing. Beyond that, we assume Thea will yet again wring her hands about Ollie’s poll numbers, but we’ve got to ask: Why?

Of the last four mayors, two were supervillains and all are dead. No, seriously. Nobody wants this job, or if they do want the job, they are almost certainly a supervillain hoping to exploit the city somehow. They might as well just declare Ollie “mayor for life,” since that’s been an effective term limit for the last five years. We’ll see how he polls tonight at 8pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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