Let’s Talk Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Arrow’ Has Its Fifth Season Premiere

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10.05.16 42 Comments

Arrow had a busy fourth season. Ollie ran for mayor, dropped out, saw a supervillain’s wife elected mayor, and then became mayor anyway. Thea was put under the dome. Felicity cried a lot. Diggle shot pretty much everybody. And by the end of it, almost everybody had bailed. So what’s a vigilante to do? Put together a new team!

Arrow is taking a “back to basics” approach to its fifth season. It’s just Ollie, Felicity, and a bunch of new vigilantes, including Echo Kellum’s Curtis, that he has to try and train up, following in the example of Laurel. Which doesn’t seem like such a great idea, since she died, but we guess they’re drawing from her rapid rise to vigilante and not her death. Which, by the way, isn’t going to stick: Katie Cassidy has been signed to pop up on the CW’s various superhero shows this season.

Still, the approach has a lot of promise. Echo Kellum has excellent comic timing, and Ollie training up a new team is a fun idea just for the fact that he’s going to have to lighten up. And if that doesn’t work, Supergirl can smush his face. We’ll find out if Kara needs to step in tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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