Artist Recreates Famous TV Settings, Makes Springfield More Terrifying

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02.02.12 15 Comments

Tim Doyle is an Austin-based illustrator and print-maker. For an exhibition entitled “Unreal Estate” that opens today at Spoke Art in San Francisco, he recreated some of TV’s most memorable fictional settings, from Moe’s Tavern to Satriale’s Pork Store. And by recreate, I mean he made them kind of terrifying, or in artist speak:

“Unreal Estate” is a collection of locations that many of us know and have been to on a weekly basis at times, but can never actually visit. These places are in our memories transmitted and entrenched there through a cathode-ray tube. Some of us have been going to these places for decades, some of these places were taken from us, way too soon. (Spoke Art)

As someone who goes out of his way to visit pop culture locations, I really like Daly’s work, and he does a nice job of getting the little details right, like the car outside of Monk’s with the ASSMAN license plate. That being said, I’m really glad he only did three Springfield locations — looking at his vision of Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag would make me not believe in sunshine and puppy dogs anymore. Take a look at some of his work.

(All pictures via Flickr)

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