Arya’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Ending Has Sparked Speculation About Her Fate


Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers will be found below.

The Game of Thrones finale tasked itself with tying up countless loose ends. In the end, we found out who won the throne and saw striking visuals geared toward incredibly invested fans who’d steeled themselves for disappointment after a season full of letdowns. And yes, there were some anticlimactic aspects of who became ruler of the Seven Six Kingdoms, but several major characters ended up surviving the series, including Arya Stark. What’s next for the young woman who always refused to be a lady?

Arya’s going exploring to see what lies West of Westeros, something that she previously hinted at in season six to Lady Crane. While it’s of course a big plus that she lived, this is not the most satisfying end, but this follows a heel turn of sorts for the youngest female Stark. The Hound had urged Arya to stop being motivated by vengeance, a piece of advice that was aided by Dany taking out Cersei at the Red Keep. Arya then skirted the rest of Melisandre’s prophecy (by shutting no green eyes), although she did help (even though Tyrion will get all the credit for this) Jon Snow realize that Dany must be stopped. Arya basically stuck around to help vote Bran into leadership and then hopped on a boat because, well, she felt like it. “I’m not going back north,” Arya insisted, answering Sansa’s subsequent inquiry with “What’s west of Westeros?”

That’s a fine question, although George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels suggest that she’ll be pushing through the Sunset Sea, which is thought to be uncrossable but might contain more land and civilizations. Maybe she’ll spot Drogon? No one knows where the last dragon went, but Bronn sure was relieved that he’s gone. Of course, Twitter has some ideas on why Arya left, but people are also very much here for what she’ll be doing next.

The calls and ideas for what the Adventures of Arya Stark might entail came fast and furious. Yes, it’s spin-off madness.

Arya emerged live from Game of Thrones with her spirit intact and after killing the Night King. Really, it’s probably the best possible outcome for her, but people will complain regardless. Still, they can dream of spin-offs!

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