Maisie Williams Is Throwing Out Possible ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers On Instagram

Spoiler alert, but the season five finale of Game of Thrones left viewers with so many questions. What will happen to Jon Snow? Is Hodor going to have to carry around Sansa and Theon now, too? And is Arya really blind? Like, for good??? Well, social media seems to indicate that, yes, she is indeed blind, and will be for a while.

Maisie Williams, the 18-year-old actress who plays Arya, has never been one to stay off Twitter and Instagram, and, earlier this week, she posted a couple of pictures of herself that give us hints as to what her character is up to in season six. One photo shows a tired-looking Maisie wearing under-eye masks with the caption, “Aftermath of blind contacts.”

And then there’s the video post she made shortly after, where she (and what sounds like Sophie Turner, also known as Sansa Stark) jokes that “my eyes look like vaginas!”

Book readers may think they know what Arya’s fate will be coming into season six, but it’s worth remembering a season five quote from Stannis Baratheon’s wife Selyse: “All your books and you still don’t know.” Selyse also ended up hanging herself after she didn’t like the way things played out that season. We’re well off the beaten path George R.R. Martin was taking us on with the books, is what I’m saying, so it’s best to expect the unexpected so you don’t end up as disappointed as Selyse.

(Via the Daily Express)