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I’m sorry, but Ashlee Simpson NAILED her role as a big-time heroin dealer on an upcoming episode of “CSI:NY” (clip via Videogum).  Just check her and Pete Wentz out, rolling around with a brick of uncut, able to glance at a bag of cash and determine that it’s not $80,000 — this is a first-class thespian who deserves to be on-screen more.

Oh hey, good news: Ashlee Simpson’s gonna be on the new Melrose Place:

Multiple sources confirm that singer-songwriter-sometime actress Ashlee Simpson has become the latest tenant of The CW’s refurbished Melrose Place.  The onetime 7th Heaven star will play small-town girl Violet, a character whose disarming naiveté masks the calculating, shrewd sex kitten within.

Good for her.  She’s worked so hard to get everything she has in life.  The rest of us skate our way through college and various graduate schools trying to find traction in a crappy economy, while poor Ashley has had nothing to rely on except her older sister’s fame, excellent plastic surgery, and a tabloid relationship to get where she is.  Bravo, Ashlee.  You deserve it.

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