Ashton Kutcher Apparently Likes To Carry A Huge Prosthetic Penis In His Trailer

If you’re wondering who to blame for those “pranks in the ghetto” videos you see infesting YouTube, you can probably add Ashton Kutcher near the top of your list. According to this interview on Conan, he was behind an online prank sending a “naked” guy into Compton or some other silly scenario. The catch is that the guy isn’t actually naked, he’s just wearing a flesh colored mid-section piece with a huge dong attached to it. A flesh colored mid-section piece with a huge dong that Kutcher still has in his trailer.

Turns out Kutcher is still riding around with this huge d*ck and hasn’t felt the urge to get rid of it. Jon Cryer brings it up and can’t seem to get over the gigantic nature of the penis portion. The only thing missing here is the snarky housekeeper to call him zippy and Angus T. Jones to come swinging in to warn us about how fake penises make Jesus weep. That’s how it played out in my head at least.

(Via Team Coco)