Ashton Kutcher Was Surprised By The Couple Who Discovered Him On Live TV

Life is a Butterfly Effect, y’know? (Deep.)

Everything had to go exactly right for Ashton Kutcher to end up where he is today. He had to step into the right bar at the right time, and go to the right audition, and be cast on the right show with the right woman who’d later become his wife, and be bitten by the right butterfly, or whatever. And that’s the true story of how Ashton Kutcher ended up in Dude, Where’s My Car?.

Let’s back up. In 1999, a 17-year-old Kutcher was drinking at a bar in Iowa when he met Mary and Jeff Clarke. Kutcher told the couple he was 19 years old, but they didn’t care about underage drinking — Mary wanted to know if he had ever thought about modeling before. “Kutcher credits her for jumpstarting his career and sending him to New York where he started modeling and acting,” according to Fox 2 Now. The Clarkes and actor recently reunited while he was making the publicity rounds for Netflix’s The Ranch, with a bored-looking Sam Elliott at Kutcher’s side.

So, Mary and Jeff Clarke are to thank/blame for Jobs. Well, them, and that radioactive butterfly (The Butterfly Effect is a Spider-Man spinoff, right?).

(Via Fox 2 Now)