Jimmy Fallon Answers Questions From Teenage Girls, Confirms He’s A Guy Who Just Wants To Play Mario Kart

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03.12.13 7 Comments

I continue to be utterly fascinated by Rookie Mag’s recurring “Ask a Grown Man” video segment despite the fact that everything about it is aimed at teenage girls (note: I am not a teenage girl). I guess if I had to pinpoint one thing, it’s the way it humanizes larger-than-life personalities. Jon Hamm and Paul Rudd look (for the most part) like what every other dude looks like when he’s talking awkwardly into a web cam. Add the sincerity that comes with trying to not screw up the answers and you’ve got the video equivalent of sodium pentothal.

It’s beyond well-known that Jimmy Fallon is a super nice guy, so it should come as no shock that in the below video where he answers different difficult and ambiguous questions from teenage girls he comes off as a super nice guy who genuinely wants to give helpful answers, but even so, the whole thing is pretty great.

I so wanted to text up the above image with an out of context “Get uglier friends” quote, but would Jimmy do the same to me if he were in the same situation? No, no he wouldn’t.

Rookie Mag via Vulture

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