The Shows On Streaming That Will Restore Your Faith In America


It’s been a rough election year. Politics makes everything ugly these days, and it can be easy to lose hope or just curl into a ball and try to forget about anything. But the only way anything gets done in America is by believing in it, so if you need to take a break, take it with a few show recommendations from the Uproxx team that will restore your faith in America.

Friday Night Lights


Deep in Texas in a town called Dillon is not exactly where one might expect to find grace and tolerance, but for five seasons, that’s exactly what Friday Night Lights represented. Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor taught his players how to be a team, not just on the field, but in life. He taught them to stick up for each other, to protect each other from bullies and blowhards. Coach Taylor saw the full hearts in everyone, even when it was not always immediately apparent. Friday Night Lights humanized the very people that we are often incapable of humanizing ourselves. He saw through the bigotry in his Texas town, and he found insecurity and fear at the source. He rooted it out by finding the goodness in them and making them believe in themselves. Coach Taylor preached that “women should be respected,” that there’s compassion and honor in all of us. He also taught his team how to win, but how to show humility in victory and in defeat.

Coach Taylor taught his players how to be better men, and the audience watching at home, how to be better people. We should all be so lucky to have a leader like that in our lives. — Dustin Rowles

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