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I love “The Simpsons.”  I can barely go five minutes without using a line from the show in conversation.  However, I’m not sure I’d want a mosaic table of Milhouse and Lisa drinking alcohol while Moe and Mr. Burns watched them.

I went through a ceramic tile-mosaic phase a few years back… It was fun; I would randomly break up tiles with a hammer and then rearrange the bits into pictures. Most of these tiles were freebies-leftovers from the local home improvement store. To get the proper yellowish skin tone, though, I had to go with some plates found at Target in the clearance section… I freehanded the characters while referencing a book.

Okaaaaay.  A little weird, but nothing over the top.  I happen to enjoy a good arts and crafts project.  Like that time I glued macaroni to my penis.

I thought it would be appropriate for Milhouse to have the wine, and Lisa the Duff beer.

Ummmm… This word “appropriate” — I do not think it means what you think it means.  It’s common custom in America to consider giving eight-year-olds alcohol inappropriate.  Believe me, the judge went on and on about it at my sentencing.  It’s like, okay, I get it, just let me get started on introducing myself to my neighbors already.

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