An Atlanta TV Reporter Called The Police On A Guy And Then Things Got Weird

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10.21.13 21 Comments

Drunk Atlanta Bro

There are cases of reporters making themselves a part of the story and there are cases of reporters simply being in the right place at the right time, but this story involving WSB TV Atlanta’s Liz Artz is like someone took both of those and sprinkled meth all over them. What started out as concern over a stopped vehicle on the city’s already infuriatingly busy highway – seriously, Atlanta’s traffic doesn’t get the credit it deserves – turned into five wrecked cars and a presumed psychopath on the loose. It looks like Florida has finally started spreading.

Artz and her crew spotted the unidentified driver of a new-ish Dodge Ram pickup truck asleep and drooling behind the wheel, while parked in the middle of a lane on the Buford Connector. When the Georgia Dept. of Transportation’s HERO responder arrived to help out, the driver woke up, became agitated, started the truck and sped off, striking a series of cars before stopping.

Once he stopped, well, I wouldn’t have felt safe unless I had Rick Grimes with me.

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