Aubrey Plaza Got Kicked Out Of The MTV Movie Awards After Kanye’ing Will Ferrell

04.15.13 67 Comments

One of the best parts about alcohol is that it gives you a boost in confidence and makes every idea you have feel funny and brilliant. One of the worst parts about alcohol is that said confidence boost is usually unearned and all those funny and brilliant ideas are actually just horrifically bad ideas wearing funny and brilliant masks. This is something you typically figure out the next morning while looking through your phone over a greasy breakfast.

I bring this up because, somewhere in Southern California, right now, Parks & Recreation star Aubrey Plaza is probably sitting in front of one of those greasy breakfasts, looking through her phone, and trying to figure out what the hell possessed her to run up on stage with the hashtag for her new movie The To Do List scribbled across her chest during Will Ferrell’s speech after he received the Comedy Genius Award at last night’s MTV Movie Awards.

A barefoot Plaza, carrying a drink, walked up on stage and tried to take the trophy. But Ferrell wouldn’t let it go, so the actress, who said nothing, put her head down and scurried back to her seat in the front row, where she spilled her drink and then sat there.

My first reaction to this story was that it was a set-up, kind of like how Eminem “stormed out” after Sasha Baron Cohen landed on his face crotch-first the one year. (FUN FACT: The head writer of the show that year? Scott Aukerman from Comedy Bang Bang.) But MTV confirmed to multiple outlets that it wasn’t scripted, and they kicked Plaza out moments after she got back to her seat, so it appears to be legit. Ish. Who knows.

As for Ferrell, he handled the whole “drunken sh-tshow storming the stage” thing pretty well, playing it off when it happened and giving this comment afterward.

Backstage, Ferrell told MTV, “I think she wanted to tell me something important, but there was no message. It was just a lot of hot liquor breath. And, then, and a little bit of sweat. And then she ran away. But the ship sailed on.”

In summation, Gatorade, Aubrey Plaza. Drink lots of Gatorade this morning.

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