Aubrey Plaza Got In A Bikini For GQ And Then Endlessly Trolled Her Interviewer

As we’re all aware, Aubrey Plaza is all over the place as an interview subject. For every riveting masturbation scene discussion there’s being the most awkward person alive on Ellen. The great thing for us is every installment is entertaining as hell, even if the same can’t be said for her interviewers.

And with The To-Do List opening Friday she’s out everywhere promoting, presenting various weird and oddly charming/attractive versions of herself to interviewers and audiences alike. Here are some exceptionally troll-y highlights from when she recently hung out with GQ’s Mark Byrne in a small town in upstate New York where she was shooting a movie.

On why she’d be behaving that evening:

“If I wasn’t shooting tomorrow, I’d drink a lot,” she says, less than five minutes into our interview. “I’d burn it to the ground.”

When asked about her career aspirations:

“I want to be Catwoman,” she says… She lets the edge of her lip lift just the smallest amount, a hint of a smile. “I want my shot at Catwoman, and I want it soon.”

When the phone rings and it’s his girlfriend:

“Tell her you’re staying here for the night,” she says, “because a murderer kidnapped you.” Her eyes flare. “What if you find out I’m not shooting a movie here? I’m going to follow you on my bike and kill you.”

When she invites him into the place she’s staying to show him the knife she’d kill him with:

 “This is it,” she says. “I practice picking it up quickly.” She perches on the bed and picks it up, twice, quickly.

And finally, when he later listens to the portion of the tape from when he left his recorder on the table (and presumably went to the bathroom):

“Vagina,” she says into the voice recorder. “Penis. Balls.” She starts laughing to herself. “Old person’s penis. With a top hat on it. And a mustache. On the beach.”


“Penis, vagina, penis, vagina, penis, vagina. Penis penis. Aaaand penis.”

The whole read is really quite interesting and it isn’t all trolling, just mostly. There are also some more images to go along with the above and below, if you’re into that sort of thing.

GQ with Photography by Todd Cole