Aubrey Plaza Insulted Ryan Gosling?

10.27.11 6 years ago 24 Comments

Aubrey Plaza is featured in the November 10th (Marine Corps birthday) edition of Rolling Stone as part of its “Hot Hollywood” feature, and so far the only we’ve got are a couple of scans (there’s another picture at the bottom of this post), but the the article starts with a tantalizing slice of an anecdote. You can see for yourself in the high-res version, but here’s the transcript:

Aubrey Plaza negged Ryan Gosling hard one time, but she swears she didn’t mean to. “I was at this juice bar, and he came in,” the Parks and Recreation star recalls at a softball diamond in Encino, California, where members [Cont. on p. 62]

GAHH!! That’s no place for a page break! I wanna know what the members are doing! And what they’re members of! And what happened with Gosling? What did she say to Baby Goose? Were his feelings hurt? Dammit, someone scan page 62 already!


[pics via conanofallon]

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