Aubrey Plaza Isn’t Mocking You, She Swears

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08.08.14 14 Comments
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SURE, Aubrey Plaza, we WAY believe you when you claim you’re being genuine and not sarcastic. That sounds EXACTLY like something you’d say. No, really, I actually do believe you: my Caps Lock key got stuck. Anyway, Plaza spoke to the New York Times (OK, Grey Lady, I bet you got ALL the news that’s fit to print — now, that’s sarcasm) about her new movies, About Alex (a.k.a. hipster Big Chill) and Life After Beth; Parks and Recreation; and being the eyeroll, personified.

You’re so sarcastic that it’s sometimes difficult to tell when you’re being sincere.

Believe me, it’s a bigger problem for me. I don’t even know when I’m being serious or not. I can’t tell how I truly feel about anything.

Can your friends or family tell when you’re being genuine with them?

Sometimes. I think it’s just the tone of my voice that throws people off. Zooey Deschanel recently told me, “Everything that you say to someone sounds like you’re mocking them.” I was like, “But I’m not.” And she was like, “Even when you just said that, it sounded like you were mocking me.”

Plaza’s basically a Simpsons joke come to life.

There are worse things to be.

Via the NY Times

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