Aubrey Plaza Spills About The Time She Photobombed Hillary Clinton And Katy Perry

08.14.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

A few months back, Katy Perry posted a photograph she took with Hillary Clinton on Instagram. It seemed innocent enough at first glance, but we’d come to find out that there was a bit more hidden in the background of the photo. Namely Aubrey Plaza photobombing like a champ.

Plaza made fun of it a bit on Twitter and some folks wrote about it, but now she’s telling a bit of the story behind it during her visit with Conan:

“I went to a book signing and I had these weird glasses on and I saw them taking this picture. It was a game time decision that I made because I could tell there was a sliver in between them and I could pop my head up in front of them. And then I did it.”

She told Perry about the bombing after the fact, at least I think she did. It all sounds like sarcasm. I can’t trust a single word that comes from her mouth, so I’m just forced to look at her and fake it.

All of this is still more interesting than Alex, which everyone is describing as the “new” Big Chill. Lena Dunham wrote about how The Big Chill is important and The Criterion Collection is giving it a release, but I can’t help but feel it was nothing but one big wet fart put to film. Alex seems worse than that and the soundtrack probably sucks. I’ll see Life After Beth though.

Plaza ends the clip by alluding to Hillary Clinton whispering in her ear and saying, “I’m running for president. Don’t tell anyone.” And really, I believe that over the Katy Perry conversation. I mean there’s proof and all.

(Via Team Coco)

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