This Interview With A Local Australian ‘Hero’ Is A Thing Of Beauty

We have sang the praises of Australian television around here for quite a while. Karl Stefanovic has proven to be a national treasure, rivaling even the great Crocodile Dundee and Crocodile Hunter based on his reactions alone. This clip is no different for Stefanovic, but he’s not the star of the show. That honor belongs to the gentleman being interviewed in what the description calls the “Aussiest. Interview. Ever.” They’re not lying either because it has flippant drivers, our heroic Aussie jumping out of bed in his underwear to confront them, and a slight chase that’s being called heroism.

But don’t expect Daniel McConnell to consider himself a hero. He’s just doing his part for the community, watching out for his neighbors, and showing off his underwear in the process. Some superheroes do indeed wear their underwear on the outside, but they also usually wear something more than just their underwear.

Now in terms of Australian local heroics, this likely isn’t as good as the original “most Aussie interview ever.” Daniel did his best to take the title, but it’s hard to beat the two guys who stopped a fast food robbery. The funny part is that both incidents featured a hero without a shirt. This just seems like typical Aussie behavior, which is worrisome given that big hole in the Ozone layer down there. Lather up, boys!

(Via Today)