Australian TV Host To Indian Cricket Fans: ‘Who’s Going To Be Manning 7-Elevens Today?’

The awkward genius of Australia’s Today host Karl Stefanovic has not gone undocumented on the internet. Whether he’s fist-pumping his own bad puns, losing it over accidental innuendo, or breaking while interviewing Grumpy Cat, the guy can always be counted on for something dumb and hilarious. Which is probably why these fans rooting for India in yesterday’s World Cup semi-final against Australia were not offended when Stefanovic asked them who was going to be manning all of the 7-Elevens while they were out cheering on their team.

In related news, I just learned that they have 7-Elevens in Australia! I now know where I can get my Big Gulp and hot dog when I never visit there because it’s terrifying.

Via Reddit