‘Auto-Tune the News’ Crew Making Comedy Central Pilot

08.17.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

The Gregory Brothers, the tech-savvy musical geniuses responsible for Auto-Tune the News, the Bed Intruder Song, and the Double Rainbow Song (video below), revealed last week in an interview with Wired that they’re developing a pilot for Comedy Central. (The group previously worked with the channel by collaborating on the “Why Must I Cry?” Web Redemption for “Tosh.0.”) An excerpt:

Sarah: We amuse each other, and luckily, other people seem to think we’re amusing too. So we’re actually going to be working with Comedy Central to produce a pilot in the coming months.

Wired.com: Wow. Is the show going to be along the lines of “Bed Intruder” and “Auto-Tune the News,” or is it more of a behind-the-scenes look at you guys?

Sarah: It will have a musical component, and it will certainly be based on a lot of internet culture.

Evan: But it will be mostly behind the scenes.

Michael: Where we’re coming from, and where people know us from, is certainly important in how we’re shaping the show.

Wired.com: Fantastic. Is there any idea when that might air?

Michael: It wouldn’t be until next year — I think we’d be surprised if it was as soon as next spring.

It’s pretty cool to see legitimately talented people get TV shows thanks to the meritocracy of the Internet instead of, say, Jim Belushi (who has a new show this fall, by the way. Thanks, CBS!). By the way, The Gregory Brothers split all proceeds with their “unintentional singers” 50-50, which helped Antoine Dodson move his family out of the projects. So they’re successful, talented, and nice. I kind of hate them.

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