The Awful Cambodian TV Show That Pranked A 13-Year-Old Girl Who Misses Her Long-Lost Mother Has Apologized

05.13.15 4 years ago 6 Comments

After a huge outcry following a televised Mother’s Day prank on 13-year-old Autumn Allen, a Cambodian TV show has personally apologized to the girl, even though it will probably never be enough. It was so bad on so many levels that it’s almost beyond comprehension that it was allowed to happen: a young girl on TV in front of a panel and an audience, brought to tears talking about the mother she left behind years ago after moving from America with her father, presented with a male comedian in drag after being promised that her mother was backstage. It’s one of the cheapest, lamest ideas but that it actually happened and that grown adults were responsible is mind-boggling.

Social faux pas about a man in drag being the butt of a joke aside (because that’s barely even considered funny anymore except in the context of Monty Python or Kids in the Hall), who the hell thought it would be funny to do this to a young girl? It’s like a rejected episode of Black Mirror, rejected because it’s just too cruel while simultaneously being way too basic.

Anyway, Allen received an apology from MYTV for the lameass stunt and posted it on her Facebook page:

The letter apologizes to Allen personally as well as for featuring a man in drag as the butt of a joke. Is it enough to cover hitting one of the lowest lows of unfunny things to ever happen on television? No, but it’s a start. I guess. Jerks.

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